Metros Soccer Academy

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elcome to the Metros Soccer Academy (MSA) website and the 27th year of the Metros Academy Camp series. The Metros Soccer Academy camp is intended to be fun and educational. The camp is designed for Boys and Girls between the ages of 6-14 years of age. Following are points to consider about the quality camp experience in store for all campers...


  • Outstanding coaching staff. You will spend the week under the tutelage of Gerry O’Donnell and his coaching staff, who will participate in all field sessions. Top flight coaches work with the players.  The coaches provide top level demonstrations and act as positive role models.
  • Top-class fields. All sessions will take place on Chapel Hill and Durham Soccer Fields. These fields are all beautiful natural grass and synthetic turf surfaces.

The Metros Soccer Academy is founded on the principle that with the proper instruction and proper practice the students' learning potential is maximized. With this principle in mind Gerry O'Donnell, the camp's director, developed what many consider to be the ideal training environment...quality instruction with the responsibility of proper practice handed over to the student in the form of "home practice." Young people have greater success when given trust and the opportunity to demonstrate responsible behavior. "Home practice" develops the students' ability to independently train, experiment and gain confidence with the techniques demonstrated at camp. The camp's curriculum covers the PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, TECHNICAL AND TACTICAL aspects of the game. The program is designed for the individual growth and development.