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What our campers say...

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

Thanks a lot for letting me in your camp. I was a lot of fun and I hope I have enough time next summer to do it again. My favorite counselor is Simon and I liked it a lot when the players from Courage came and talked to us.

Sean Scott    

P.S. I am playing Rainbow Soccer this fall and I hope I get a chance to use all the moves I learned at camp!



"I enjoyed your camp a lot this year. I learned a lot of skills that will help me be a better soccer player. I look forward to soccer this fall and your camp next summer."

- Derek Haithcock, camper





Dear Gerry,


Thank you for the ball. I like it a lot. I played with it in practice and prefer it over the other balls. Also, thank you for letting me come to camp. You have wonderful training and that is why I am the player I am now. I have received many compliments about my game and people wonder how I got this good. I say that I owe it all to you and your camp. Thanks again!

Your Friend,
Josh V.


"The coaching was wonderful. They worked with you on all kinds of skills and set up games that helped you practice the skills. Everybody is included. Homework was especially fun because it was practicing tricks."

— Charles Stopford, camper

"I really like soccer. This camp really teaches us how to work on our ball skills."

- Craig Flannigan, camper