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Video Training Series

Greetings from the Metros Soccer Academy!


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Soccer Training Videos


Change of direction moves, inside cut, outside cut, stop ball with the sole, stop-and-go:  

Beating moves-scissors, “body swerves”, step-over:


Dribbling at speed exercise and game:


1v1 to goal game:


second 1v1 to goal game:


1v1 game to goal using the different receiving techniques:


Receiving ball from the air: a) 10 minutes-foot / b) 10 minutes-thigh / c) 10 minutes chest:


Receiving to turn and score game. Progression leads to receiving ball out of the air then look to score:


advanced change of direction moves (cut-spin-shield, Cruyff):


2v1, 3v2, 3v3 game (video) take 5 minutes to explain overlaps and wall passes.

Encourage players to use them as well as beating moves during games:


Shielding and combination play to goal (take some time to explain shielding the ball with back to goal):


3v1 game to goal using playing with back to goal:


Small sided games 2v2:


This is a very good coaching website. You do have to become a member eventually. The do have all the appropriate age development drills: